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Brief Explanation of Witchcraft

Witchcraft is a religion that not only believes in God, but believes in the Goddess as
well. For as we were made in his image, we must also possess the female, not
solely the male as other religions believe. This is based on the belief that all
things are created from male and female.

Witchcraft embraces the ancient religious practices predating the modern
Christainity. You will find in modern rituals, prayers, the underlying essences
of the once thriving religion.

Witchcraft is a modern term meaning to bend. It is also associated with the term
Witch, which translates to wise. It is embraced by a modern society seeking to
master its roots, its foundation.

When the onset of Christianity began the turning to this, at the time, new age
religion was not embraced by the Pagans. Christianity was embraced, however;
by the powers that be of the time. In an effort to convert the Pagans many of
the Christian holidays, ceremonies were moved, edited to encude Pagan
beliefs. For example, the birth of Christ, which occured near April 6, was
moved to the Pagan holiday of Yule, occuring on the Winter Equinox. In
Pagan holidays, this represents the rebirth of the Sun, which represents God.

Common Terms:

Magick: Magick is found in all things. It is defined by the unseeing as
something only sought after by those who seek to do harm. This is not the
case. All living things live, grow, learn, by use of Magick. Some do this more
aptly than others. To some, it goes beyond the daily, existance, to the outer
boundaries of beyond.

Spells: Spells are a focus of energy. For some this is kneeling and praying to
the powers that be. For others, the use of candles, inscence, etc. are used.
Each person must find their own path to their spiritual center. Embracing their
inner self and beliefs.

Casting a Circle: The circle represents many things in life. It is the completion
of life, the birth, death, rebirth all flowing endlessly. In Wicca, a circle is
created as Holy Ground. It is a center in which a person can pray, casting out
all negatives, drawing in only good. This good drawn in used only for the good
of others, of mankind.

Book of Shadows: A book of Shadows is a handwritten or personally created
book. The purpose of this book is prayer. It is an organizing of ones prayers,
thoughts, rituals used.



Coven: A group that seeks to pray, etc. together.

Solitary: A solitary is one that has chosen to seek her/his path alone.

Wiccan Rede: The Wiccan Rede is the foundation of the Wiccan beliefs. The
final words being "And harm none, do what thou will". In Wicca, it is better to
bend than to cause harm. As all that done comes back on you times three,
whether good or bad.

Recommended reading:

Cunningham, Scott: Any of His books including; Guide for the Solitary
Practicioner; Living Wicca; Magical Herbalism; Magical Aromatherapy;
Cunninghan's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs; Earth, Air, Fire & Water.

Ancient Ways, Reclaiming the Pagan Tradition by Pauline Campanelli.

Many of these books and others can be found by contacting"
Llewellyn Worldwide
P. O. Box 64383, Dept. L184-9
St. Paul, MN 55164-0383, U.S.A.