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Smaug Building Site

Steps to building
Building Rules
Introduction to Building
Steps to building
Builders Etiquette
Sixth Sense
Basic Commands

Is it not strange that desire should so many years outlive performance? -- William Shakespeare

1. Theme development
What is the area about? While this sounds simple, it is the second hardest thing in the making of an area.
2. Research the area type. If it is about a forest and you know nothing about forests it will be a weak area.
Use the internet, tv, local area near you for examples.
3. Make lists!
List objects, potential mobs, scenery from all the resources you can find.
4. Plot out the area
Use excel, graph paper, pen/paper, to draw out a sketch map of the area.
5. Consider level and the needs of the mud when setting up the area.
Example - if the players are short on items to cover a specific wear location take that into consideration.
6. Time period errors - nothing is more frustrating to a mudder than moving through a medieval area and seeing something that jolts them back to their time.
7. Write with the intention of the mudder reading the area.

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