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Smaug Building Site

Building Rules
Building Rules
Introduction to Building
Steps to building
Builders Etiquette
Sixth Sense
Basic Commands

Main Building Rules:

Prior to building, always check with the administration for any building rules or guidelines that they have in place. These are critical to a successful building relationship.

* When building, please try and keep it in an rp sense.
* If someone on the building council, admin or level 65 asks you to change something in your area (within reason), please do so.
* Do not use foul language in any part of your area.
* Mudmail/post the projected area on the building board, if your mud has one, when starting it. Or use the project board if that is the muds protocol.When the area is complete mudmail the head of building council, etc., for the area to be checked. Be very aware of international spellings.
* Some muds use color while others will use color. While both are correct, for mudwide consistency check to see if the European/Canadian spelling is used or the U.S.
* When it comes to writing the program portion of the area do not be afraid to ask for help.
* When submitting the area for checking have the following list available:
1. The hfile for the area. (help file)
2. The astat information -- reset message, low_soft, hi_soft, etc., see aset for more help. The reset
message is the hardest part of an area. It is the area wide message for repop of an area. It needs to be consistent with the area theme.
3. Weather and climate information.
4. An idea of where/type of connection for the area (Unless that was determined by the admin already).
5. A list of any objects that are not obvious (example: pop items on mobs as these are not shown in the resets).

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