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Smaug Building Site

Introduction to Building

Building Rules
Introduction to Building
Steps to building
Builders Etiquette
Sixth Sense
Basic Commands

The following is a list of help files to stimulate creativity in building.

The building of an area goes beyond knowing the formatting, programing and coding needed to implement it. To create an area that is alive and will draw mudders into a game is not an easy task; it takes creativity, planning, and knowledge. Becoming a builder is not done over night. For every ten builders that apply for a job one succeeds and in five years one of ten that succeeded will still remain. As with any writing type position burn out and writers block cripple the builder. The following items are what I use in building. While these may not work for everyone, this is what works for me.

On the Link Page is a list of resources that I use when constructing an area. The pre-building phase is critical to a good area being developed.

In writing a good description if you do not step into the area and see it from a mudders position what makes you think that they will believe they are there? The trick is to see it, smell it, taste it, feel it, use all your senses to make a room come alive.

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